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We are selling cheap yet durable building and home roof insulator made from aluminium foil PVC. Highly durable and fireproof insulator for any kinds of building in different types of seasons. Available for worldwide delivery.

Heat Reflector

Product Specifications:

Foil Purity : 99.45%

Product Thickness : 1-2 mm

Foil Reflectivity : 97%

Edgetear Resistance : Machine / 1005 N, Lateral / 878 N

1 Roll Length : 50 m

1 Roll Coverage Area : 55 m²/ 45 m²/ 30 m²

Core Diameter: 20 – 30 cm

Protection Capability:

Protection capability of the product can survive extreme temperatures, rain and even from rusted iron.

Product Size Options:

110 cm x 50 m

90 cm x 50 m

60 cm x 50 m

45 cm x 50 m

pemasangan roof insulator
Installation Processes

Product Usage:

1. Functioning as anti-leaking roof coating
2. To reflect heat and UV rays from the sun
3. As carpet gutters
4. As wooden door coating
5. As noise reduction

Product Advantages:

- Significantly has more durability compared to non aluminium insulator materials.
- Not easy to tear
- Not flammable/fireproof
- Reduce condensation that oftenly caused degradation of durability of the roof.
- Easy to instal
- Cost-effective


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